Common Therapist Mistakes And the Ethics of Owning Them!

An ethics workshop that will make you laugh rather than cringe. Do you sometimes give too much advice or give it too early? Do you validate what you don’t know, get into power struggles by taking the healthy voice, or project your values? If you’re like most therapists, you do! All therapists are human and we all make mistakes. Owning these mistakes allows us to use humor and even poke fun at ourselves a bit. These common mistakes are the kind that may slow down the therapeutic process but generally won’t halt it unless they are made often or repetitively. Reducing common mistakes enables us to increase compliance with ethical codes regarding the boundaries of competence, maintaining competence, and avoiding harm. Finally, practical strategies will be presented that enable participants to minimize making these mistakes.




Who: Dr. Linda Buchanan

When: Friday, March 25, 2022 from 9:00a-3:30p

Where: The Summit Wellness Group Live or Virtual, Synchronous Via Zoom (Live)

Fee: $120.00  Argosy Discount: $110.00 

GSCSW, LPCA of Georgia, and GACA approvals applied for!   Counts toward LMFT Ethics hours.

Objectives: After the workshop, participants will be able to:

1) List at least 10 common therapist mistakes

2) Identify relevant ethical codes in conceptualizing and addressing therapist mistakes

3) Utilize specific strategies to avoid making each of these mistakes

4) Describe at least three strategies to use when a therapeutic rupture has occurred

5) Reframe resistance in psychotherapy as ambivalence


Meet our Presenter

Dr. Linda Buchanan is a psychologist and writer. She founded Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders in 1993 which she sold in 2017. She now primarily focuses on consulting and writing. Her book, A Clinician’s Guide to Pathological Ambivalence, was published in 2019, the content of which she has presented at national and international conferences. She has also self-published three workbooks (one serves as a client companion to the Clinician’s Guide) which can be found on her website at Additionally, she has published four research articles on the treatment of eating disorders including two outcome studies of the treatment provided at Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders and two book chapters. Dr. Buchanan serves as a peer reviewer of American Psychological Association (APA) Journals and writes the blog “From One Therapist to Another”, writing about experience gained in over three decades of clinical practice.



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